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Alan Laing

Started flying in the late 1980s on Beagle Pups, then 172s and 152s. Had a break and got back to flying in 2005. Bought the TB9, G-BKUE in 2006 with some other Fife fliers and have gone on to get an Aerobatic rating on the Grobs, a complex conversion and the IMC rating.

Love flying, and love sharing the experience. Happy to take any EFAC member flying in the TB9 in return for a mug of tea and a bacon roll!

Chris Anderson

Having first learned to fly on C150s at Perth with the Air Cadets in the 1960s, I flew a Jodel D117 at Inverness for a few months but then let my PPL lapse. However, I came back to flying at Fife and revalidated my licence in 1996. I rent Club aircraft, preferring the Warrior.

Over the years I have flown to Islay, Oban, Plockton, Inverness, Fishburn near Durham, Kirkbride and several places in between. I've recently retired, so I have more time to get involved in the Club ..... and I’m keen to get more airfields in my log book!

Jeremy Billinge

With my father having been in the RAF, I’ve always had a fascination with aircraft, but despite this, I came to flying relatively late in life. After a career in farming and training National Hunt (jumps) racehorses, I decided at the age of 46 that perhaps I would like to learn to fly after all.

It was then suggested that I could get a job in aviation and so began the long slog of training for my Commercial Pilot’s Licence – studying for the ATPL ground exams was certainly a shock to the system almost 30 years after having left school! This was followed by MEP, FI, Aerobatic and, most recently, Instrument Ratings. I have been instructing at Fife since October 2015, still farm just outside Cupar and never want to take another exam again!

Jim Millar

My interest in aviation was fostered way back in "colonial" days with a trip on board a Sunderland flying boat. Throughout my school days, I maintained my interest with aero modelling, plane spotting and air scouts. However, post education the realities of earning a living and responsibility deemed that it was many years before I had the time and wherewithal to learn to fly. I finally did so under auspices of Fife Flying Club, and have enjoyed both the flying and club membership ever since.

I have managed to accumulate several types in my logbook and currently fly PA28 Warriors. I also enjoy meeting fellow members while working part time in the cabin at Fife.

Malcolm Spaven
Martin Hendrickse
Peter Crabb

I took up flying in 2008 having had a hankering to do so most of my life (I wanted to be a commercial pilot when in my teens but that didn't work out...long story!!). I learned to fly the Grob, my first lesson was 2nd May 2008 and I passed my Skills Test 10th December that year. I'm also a member of the G-BKUE syndicate, which makes for some great social flying - so far having been to places like Islay, Prestwick, Campbeltown, Plockton, Oban, Inverness, etc. I'm very much a social flyer - i.e, I like flying with other people (I get bored by myself). So if you ever fancy a pootle in G-UE, give me a shout!


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